King County Superior Court celebrates forever families

Image of Q13 crewmembers interviewing 17-year-old Delontea Sallee and his mom, Amanda

Via KC Employee News – by Lilia Cabello Drain

This Thanksgiving week, King County Superior Court wants to thank the nearly 500 families who stepped up across Washington State this year to adopt children. These children are international adoptions, step-family adoptions, but most are foster care adoptions.

November is National Adoption Month and on Friday, Nov. 16, Superior Court celebrated with 23 of those families including 17-year-old Delontea Sallee who spent seven years in the foster care system before his new mom, Amanda, stepped up to make sure Delontea has a family and someone who will help support him through college.

Check out Delontea’s story on Q13.

Nearly 1,800 children and teenagers need forever homes. If you are interested in adopting a child, please contact King County Superior Court partners at or