This month, we launched the Zero Youth Detention Implementation Dashboard, where we’re tracking strategies, projects and actions King County and its partners are working on to get us closer to Zero Youth Detention. This Implementation Dashboard is a companion site to the Zero Youth Detention Data Dashboard we launched last year to track overall data about the juvenile legal system in King County.

Here are a few actions underway – you can learn more, and how these tie back to our Zero Youth Detention objectives – by visiting the Implementation Dashboard:

  • Hiring an additional Community Navigator who can help families of youth involved in the legal system connect with appropriate community supports
  • Expanding access to behavioral health supports for at-risk youth, so kids don’t have to be adjudicated before they can get help
  • Increasing engagement for families of youth in detention, including holding family focus groups, drafting a family handbook, and piloting video visitation and travel vouchers to help families stay in contact with youth in detention

“In presenting this dashboard, we recognize that quantitative data is only one way to measure success and to tell a story,” notes Zero Youth Detention Director, Derrick Wheeler-Smith. “In addition to the measures shown here, as we move forward, we need to ensure the values and lived experiences of the youth and families impacted by our work are also used to evaluate and inform our work.”

The Implementation Dashboard is a work in progress. We’ll continue to update it with more data and more actions as our partners and we expand our work toward Zero Youth Detention. We also welcome your questions and feedback – you can reach out to us at: