Video: Community Passageways Community Diversion Program

If you were watching the Seahawks game on August 29, you may have seen an excerpt of the short documentary “Out of the Fire,” which tells the story of Community Passageways, a Seattle-based felony diversion program and community partner in our work toward Zero Youth Detention. Community Passageways uses restorative justice practices and racial healing approaches to work with young people involved in the legal system, schools, police, legal system partners, families and more to establish healthy, happy, and safe communities. Community Passageways’ model of prevention, diversion and support efforts is a great example of the type of community work that Zero Youth Detention partners are working to support and expand.

The documentary explores Community Passageways’ work through the story of Andrea Altheimer, who was released from prison after serving over 20 years of a 40-year sentence that the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office eventually ruled excessive. Now, Altheimer is working for Community Passageways as a youth mentor and advocate. “Having something like this when I was that age would have made all the difference in my life,” says Altheimer.

Watch the video, and visit the Seahawks’ webpage to learn more about their partnership with Community Passageways.