Community Support for Youth on ELECTRONIC Home Monitoring – RFP

By: Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Zero Youth Detention Initiative

Zero Youth Detention (ZYD) is opening an RFP to provide community-based supports for youth on Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) and their families. If this describes your interest or if you know an organization that would be a good match, please stay tuned to the ZYD website! Read on to learn more.

This contract(s) will be managed by ZYD under the leadership of Seattle and King County’s Department of Public Health. ZYD is a partner, convener and influencer with the departments in the juvenile legal system. Currently, the Juvenile Court Division of King County Superior Court can order young people to EHM as part of their court requirements when they are alleged to have committed a crime.

ZYD seeks to contract with one or more community-based organization(s) to meet the needs of youth and their families impacted by EHM, as defined by the youth and families. The intended outcome of this project is for youth and family members or guardians to benefit from interventions that are therapeutic, restorative, strengths-based, racially and ethnically affirming and founded on culturally appropriate practices that emphasize healing. Eligible applicants have the opportunity to meet the needs of families on EHM and partner with King County legal system partners and ZYD.

All youth in King County deserve to grow into happy, healthy adults. Youth placed on EHM have a better chance of avoiding engagement with the juvenile legal system in the future and having positive experiences when they are paired with community-based supports and appropriate therapeutic interventions. ZYD calls for partnering with youth, families, employees, and communities and building on their strengths so that communities are safe, and all youth have the opportunity to be happy, healthy, and thriving.

This intervention would support the five overarching objectives of ZYD while partnering with the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, the Department of Public Defense, and Juvenile Court Services.

Stay tuned to this blog post for the EHM RFP opening within the next few weeks!

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