Community Support Project

On July 9th, Zero Youth Detention (ZYD) published a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide community-based support for King County youth on Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) and their families.

Safe Futures and Urban League are the two organizations selected. These organizations will work in partnership with Public Health, Seattle and King County (PHSKC) – Zero Youth Detention and our King County legal system partners.Continue reading Community Support Project

Bridging the Gap Between Community and Systems

Willard Jimerson, Jr. grew up in Seattle’s historically African American Central District neighborhood. Raised by a loving grandmother and grandfather, young Will could never have predicted that just six weeks after his 13th birthday he’d become a ward of the state and spend the rest of his childhood in America’s adult prison system. One fatal and catastrophic moment on a late night in 1994 changed everything. The kid who once fancied himself a charming and mischievous prankster, who loved playing arcade games and pick-up football, was gone.Continue reading Bridging the Gap Between Community and Systems

The Road Map to Zero Youth Detention

On July 21, 2020, King County Executive, Dow Constantine, committed to eliminating secure detention for youth in King County by 2025. While the commitment to a specific timeline is new, the work to achieve the goal of Zero Youth Detention began in 2017 when King County Executive, Dow Constantine, announced Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Zero Youth Detention Initiative (ZYD).Continue reading The Road Map to Zero Youth Detention

Community Support for Youth on Electronic Home Monitoring – RFP

ZYD seeks to contract with one or more community-based organization(s) to meet the needs of youth and their families impacted by EHM, as defined by the youth and families. The intended outcome of this project is for youth and family members or guardians to benefit from interventions that are therapeutic, restorative, strengths-based, racially and ethnically affirming and founded on culturally appropriate practices that emphasize healing. Eligible applicants have the opportunity to meet the needs of families on EHM and partner with King County legal system partners and ZYD.Continue reading Community Support for Youth on Electronic Home Monitoring – RFP

Standing together against hate

A message from the Director of Zero Youth Detention:

Dear Friends,

All human lives matter. That is true. Nevertheless, it is equally true that historically not all lives have been understood to matter or have value. This is precisely why it is of great importance, in this moment, that we do not shy away from this truth or attempt to generalize it. The injustice has been specific and so we must be equally specific in the naming of their lives. Under discouraging and often painful conditions they are struggling to be heard and matter in the way they deserve.
Continue reading Standing together against hate