Federal Way Youth Action Team

The Federal Way Youth Action Team (FWYAT) is a community impact consortium of providers building capacity within the Federal Way community to be the primary responders to local issues such as youth violence, crime, misbehavior, systemic inequity and disproportionality while providing positive support and solutions. It is a community-based, structured, and intentional workgroup that provides training, programming and collaboration to equip community stakeholders, (youth, families, local service providers, and neighborhood groups) to be the best in responding to local issues related to to the broad spectrum of juvenile justice reform. FWYAT’s vision for Federal Way is to be a community where every youth has the opportunities, skills and support they need to thrive.

Jason Clark, King County Juvenile Court’s Equity and Social Justice Advocate, collaborates with FWYAT as they commit to the following:

  • We will engage youth and families in our solution-making.
  • We strive to create culturally and generationally relevant solutions.
  • We acknowledge that our County has a history of disproportionality for minorities in our justice and education systems.
  • We will actively work to dismantle the school to prison pipeline.
  • We will work to build community capacity, strengthening the ability of communities to take care of their young people.

For more information, contact Jason Clark at Jason.Clark@kingcounty.gov.

Employment and Education Resources

Employment and Education Resources has a variety of programs and services available for different individual situations, including job skills training, vocational education, GED attainment and job placement. These programs provide education and employment training for youth aged 16-24 struggling to pass classes and/or youth at risk for dropping out, skills development for out-of-school youth in need of a GED, and support customized for justice-involved youth or youth at risk for being justice-involved.